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This page will provide users with an overview of Tao's ecosystem and how to read the documentation site, depending on readers' interest.

Overview of Tao's Ecosystem

The backbone of Tao's ecosystem is the Tao 2.0 blockchain protocol with its innovative Delegated Proof-of-Staking Voting (DPOS) consensus. To facilitate interactions between users (including voters and masternode owners) and the Tao blockchain, a set of products have been built, including TaoScan, Shifu, Dai (mobile wallet and dApp browser), and our stats page. Tao has been also developing a decentralized exchange protocol with its relayer-based architecture. These products will be continuously improved in our long-term plan. Furthermore, more highly innovative products and technologies will be intensively developed and researched to make Tao become an ideal platform for blockchain rights management, verification of authenticity, payments, games, open finance, and enterprise-oriented applications.

  • Tao: Tao is the public EVM blockchain of Tao's ecosystem which utilizes the Tao 2.0 ("Tao2") protocol.

  • TaoScan: TaoScan provides a user friendly, details and perfection-oriented user interface for the Tao blockchain. From a user's perspective, TaoScan brings Tao’s transparency to users because all block, transaction, finality, smart contracts, dApp and token information are read from Tao and shown to users. Furthermore, TaoScan also offers technical visualisations and shows useful statistics about Tao's performance, token holders and other metrics.

  • Shifu: The Governance dApp - Shifu (Chinese for "Master") provides a professional UI that allows users to see the list of masternodes and candidates, to deposit 100,0000 TAO to become a masternode candidate, to vote for masternodes, and to show masternode performance statistics.

  • Waihui: Waihui (Chinese for "Forex") is a decentralized exchange protocol designed for Tao-based tokens directly integrated into the core layer of the Tao blockchain. Decentralized exchanges called relayers built following the Waihui standard will all interact with Waihui.

  • ShuiDAO: ShuiDAO (Chinese for "Waterways") is a Tao on-chain protocol that allows any token holders to transfer tokens without holding TAO in their wallet. The transaction fees will be paid in the token the user is holding.

  • Dai: Dai (Chinese for "Bags") is the official mobile wallet for Tao, aiming to store the TAO native coin and tokens issued on Tao. Dai also allows users to vote for masternodes and track rewards.

  • Ren: Ren (Chinese for "Benevolence") provides a friendly UI and a smart contract which allows any user to issue a TRC21 token and apply the token to the ShuiDAO protocol in minutes without any programming skills required.

  • TaoJiao: TaoJiao (Chinese for "Pool") is a decentralized smart contract alternative implementation of the Shifu protocol providing for the automated Delegation of the most profitable masternodes

  • TaoMask: TaoMask is a Chrome extension which allows for dApp interaction with the Tao protocol