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How to vote for Tao masternodes using TaoWallet

To vote for masternodes via the TaoWallet App you need two devices:

1 - A mobile device that runs the latest version of the TaoWallet App. Download the TaoWallet App here:

Android Download

iOS Download

To import Tao Private Key into Tao Mobile Wallet after downloading the app, open it and follow these below steps:

Click Import your wallet


Select “Recovery Phrase or Private Key”


Enter your Private Key then click “Import Wallet”


2 - Another device from that you can access the Shifu platform. After you made sure that you have installed the latest version of TaoWallet on your mobile device and set up your wallet, switch to your other device and open the Shifu platform in your browser: Now click on Login in the upper right corner.


You can now choose the Network Provider you want to use to access the platform. Make sure to choose TaoWallet.


A QR-Code will appear. Now switch to your mobile device and touch the QR-scan icon in your TaoWallet App and scan the QR-Code.


After scanning the QR-Code, the Account Information of you wallet will appear right under the QR-Code, including your wallet address and your balance:


In your TaoWallet App, a confirmation message will appear:


After confirming your Login via the App, you will have to switch back to your other device and click on TAOMASTER in the upper left corner to go back to the home page.


Under the Candidates title, you'll find a list of all the masternode candidates. Now you have to click on Vote in the right column next to the masternode you have chosen to vote for. To decide which masternodes to vote for, you can first click on the addresses of the masternodes to get more information regarding their performance, location, etc.


After clicking Vote, your address, balance and the address of the masternode you voted for will appear. Now you can adjust the number TAO you want to vote.


Click Next to proceed and another QR-Code will appear.


After scanning the QR-Code, a confirmation message will appear in the TaoWallet App on your mobile device:


Before confirming your vote, make sure that the Voting Information above, including the address of the masternode and the amount you want to stake for the vote, are correct. After confirming your vote, this message will appear:


You will now find a new transaction in the transaction history of your TaoWallet App with detailed information about your vote:


You’re done! Your vote has been counted and you can now monitor your rewards from the masternodes you voted for in your TaoWallet App: