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TaoWallet is available for Android, iOS and Web Application.

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TaoWallet Web

Create new wallet

You can create a new wallet, if you click on "CREATE NEW WALLET" after launching the App. You will receive a recovery passphrase consisting of 12 words to restore your wallet in case you lose your password. To protect your wallet you should click on "Settings" > "Create passcode" so all transfers from your wallet will need to be confirmed with a passcode.

Import wallet

By clicking on "IMPORT YOUR WALLET" after launching the App, you can choose to import your wallet either with your private key or your recovery passphrase. There is also a "view only" mode, where you just have to enter your adress. You can monitor, but not send any transactions in this mode.

Receive TAO

By clicking on "Adress" you can either receive TAO by sharing your adress or your QR-code. It's also possible to create a QR-code that requests a certain amount.

Send Tao

By clicking on "Send" you can either send TAO by scanning a QR-code or entering a recipient adress manually.

Vote for masternodes

TaoWallet has an integrated voting function, that enables stakeholders to vote without having to login to the masternode platform. Token holders are recommended to read this Voting tutorial for how to vote for masterrnodes using TaoWallet.

Track rewards

Voters and masternodes can track their rewards from staking dicrectly in the App.