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Is Tao migrating to Binance Chain?

No we are not. We are simply offering a 2-way bridge to allow Tao holders to operate on Binance Chain (Tao <-> Binance Chain). This is Tao’s first real test of cross-chain compatibility using TaoBridge.

What is TAOB?

Tao has issued BEP-2 TAO tokens on Binance Chain called TAOB. With the creation of TAOB, we have locked up an equal number of native TAO to ensure the total supply remains the same.

Can I trade TAOB on Binance DEX now after swapping?

Yes, you can.

How do I swap my TAO to TAOB and vice versa?

Go to TaoBridge and swap between TAO and TAOB. Check out this video for details: TaoBridge Tutorial

Can TaoB be staked?

No you can't stake TaoB.